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What You Need to Know About Having Your Bridal Trial with Roxxana Rose

July 30, 2018

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What You Need to Know About Having Your Bridal Trial with Roxxana Rose

July 30, 2018

Hello brides to be! If you're reading this I've either sent you to this page so that you can understand how a bridal trial works with me, or you've been researching hard and found this link by yourself. Never the less, keep reading to understand how I go about my bridal trial service.



What is a bridal trial and what happens?

A bridal trial is where you will have your makeup done by me as a 'trial run' of what makeup you will have on the day of your wedding. You will be offered a date after you have paid the deposits to officially book your wedding day with me. I will take into consideration your personal tastes, skin type, the theme of your wedding and facial structure and features to create a bespoke makeup look for you. You can bring in image inspiration of bridal makeup looks, pictures of your dress, hair you're planning to have, your current makeup style, the venue, all these will benefit me as have a visual of your day so that we can create a look which will work cohesively with all the elements. If you have a lipstick preference then you can also bring this to the trial, if not I have many popular bridal lipsticks which you can choose from, which you will then need to purchase independently yourself for top ups on your wedding day. You should arrive with no makeup on and be product free with hair pulled out of your face. I will apply the makeup up to two times and the best way to get the most out of this service is to speak up and be honest. Throughout the trial, I will be showing you the makeup as we go along to make sure it's moving in a direction that you've envisioned as I want to make sure you leave with a makeup look which you are entirely happy with. When having a trial it can be beneficial to wear a top similar to the colour of your wedding dress, so you can see how the makeup would reflect against that colour. 


Why do I need a trial run?

You will need a trial run to ensure that we have agreed on a makeup look which you are happy to wear on your wedding day. This eliminates any confusion on what style you'd like and gives a much more relaxed atmosphere on the day.


How long does a bridal trial take?

A bridal trial will be between 1 and 2 hours max.


Where and when can I have my bridal trial?

After booking in with me for your wedding date, I will ask you for any weekdays you may be free. If you can not do any weekdays I can then offer Sunday appointments. No Saturdays will be able to be taken as they are saved for bridal and special occasion bookings only. All bridal trials are taken at my address in Hastings, East Sussex which will be sent to you. 


Do you do bridal makeup without a trial? 

No. I do not take any bridal bookings without first having a bridal makeup trial. You need to have a style, a look which is personal to you and something you feel comfortable in. Even though I would feel confident in applying a makeup which I would think looks nice, this may not be to your preferences. With very little time in the morning of your wedding day, the last thing you want to be doing is worrying about your makeup. 


When should I be having my trial?

Your trial should be no more 5 weeks before your wedding day. This is to ensure that all products used are the same on the day of your wedding. You should not be having a hair change, skin tone change (such as from natural tanning or spray tan) or lash extensions after your trial as these will cause the makeup to change and look different from what we agreed on. If you are going to have lash extensions or a spray tan then you will need to have these done for your trial also.


What is a bridal consultation?

A bridal consultation can be taken months to years in advance of your wedding date. It involves having your makeup done similarly to the effect of a bridal trial. They are usually to see if you like my 'style' as a makeup artist before committing to a 'Bridal Trial and Bridal Makeup Package'. If you have a bridal consultation, you will still need to have a bridal trial as part of the 'Bridal Trial and Bridal Makeup Package' for many reasons listed above and a bridal consultation holds no security on me holding the date of your wedding for you. I personally feel that bridal consultations are not needed as long as you have a realistic expectation on your bridal trial and communicate well with honesty. 




If you do have any more questions then please feel free to contact me!





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